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Dear Familia,

It’s been a big year! 2021, our “golden year," marked seven years of Siete! It’s been a year of reflection about: where we started (we were pretty stoked when Guy Raz from How I Built This asked our brother, Miguel, and sister, Veronica, to tell our story on his podcast); the amazing community that helped get us to where we are today (how awesome are y’all’s baby photos on our community page!); and how our heritage, our Mexican-American hyphen, continues to inspire the future of Siete Family Foods.


Siete Foods Community Page


We started off the year by bringing new delicious treats to shelves like our Grain Free Churro Strips, all-in-one Chorizo and Carnitas Cooking Spices, crispy and crunchy Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, and beloved Grain Free Mexican Cookies. They reminded us of foods we used to enjoy as children and special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and family gatherings.

Siete Foods 2021 New Products

But the product innovation didn’t stop there! We also shared some delicious Small Batches, and rounded out the year with a festive collaboration with our first-ever Juntos Fund recipient—CocoAndré Chocolatier. We couldn’t pick a favorite Small Batch even if we tried, but the best part of this year’s batches is a no-brainer: Y’all provided us with valuable feedback, and even voted on the next Small Batches to come. (More on that below!)

Siete Small Batch

You also mentioned that you’d like to be able to find Siete in grocers near you, and around the same time we hit a whopping 100 teammates, we were able to expand and grow our offerings in retailers like Kroger, Target, Walmart, and Costco! (No, seriously! See for yourself with our handy-dandy store locator.) Not to mention when we finally crossed the border into Canada—not even our thickest snow shoes could have prepared us for how cool that moment was! 


Siete Foods 2021 Store Expansion   


Now that the holidays have come, we’re feeling as grateful, humbled, and festive as ever. If you’d like to join us in and get into the holiday spirit a little more, here’s how we’re celebrating:


1. Listening to a Very Siete Holiday playlist.


2. Rewatching (and remaking) our favorite holiday movies.

    • A Christmas Story 
    • Love Actually
    • Elf
    • Home Alone

3. Baking our favorite holiday recipes:

4. Giving clues about what 2022 will bring!

(We can only say so much, but if you’re feeling a little curious and perhaps even investigative, here are some hints...)

    • A hypothetical: If computers were our main consumers at sietefoods.com, we know they’d be heavy chip consumers. (How’s that for the oldest dad-joke in the book?) But, let’s say that computers have lately developed a sweet tooth—technology these days, are we right! Well, we’d want to accommodate that. Hypothetically, of course! (Make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter to be the first to know when we’re finally going to be able to delight y’all with some sweet, sweet news!)
    • Secondly, we’ve got many, many more exciting Siete Small Batches in the tunnel—starting with one—well, we can’t share too much yet, but let’s just say you voted for it, and “we hope it will make all your little dreams come true…” 
    • And speaking of dreams, it was a dream meeting so many incredible entrepreneurs through our Juntos Fund application process, and look forward to supporting more small businesses again next year with the continuation of this mission-led program. (Okay, so nothing cryptic there—just a lot of excitement!)
    • We’ve noticed you noticing our Grain Free Churro Strips in a really big way, so we hope to put your love for them on display in a lovey-dovey season, in a red and white place.
    • Maybe you know that we love to write letters. And while it’s a very real dream to one day have an Abuela Hotline, we hope to bring you the next best thing in an effort to connect you with our awesome Customer Delight team!


And there you have it, familia! That’s about all we’ve bean dying to share with you! It’s been an incredible year and we cannot thank you enough for your love and support. Sharing our foods and being at your table, means the world to us, truly. We hope you have a very merry holiday and a happy new year!


Holiday Juntos es Mejor

Con mucho amor, 
Your Siete Family