Introducing Our New Seasonings: Carnitas and Chorizo Cooking Spices -

January 26, 2021

Remember when you told us that you dream of being able to do the splits in the kitchen? Wait—what? That’s not what you said? You said that you dream of the day when you havemore flexibility when it comes to cooking? Oh. That makes more sense...Well, in that case, we’ve got great news for you! Introducing our Chorizo Skillet Cooking Spice and Carnitas Slow Cooker Spice!

Growing up, our family gathered around traditional dishes like chorizo con huevo, papas con chorizo, and carnitas. We remember the way our Grandma Campos would sift through her kitchen cabinet, intuitively mixing, matching, and measuring out spices to make the perfect chorizo or carnita-style seasoning; the same way our mother, Aida, did before serving alongside warm tortillas for the whole family to enjoy. Years later, when our family changed our diets, we had a hard time finding a chorizo or carnitas that aligned with our new dietary needs and preferences. Today, we’re excited to help solve this problem for others with our newest seasonings, inspired by our family’s first chorizo and carnitas pioneers, Aida and Grandma Campos.

These spices were created to give you the freedom (re: flexibility!) to use different proteins or veggies while getting the flavor and experience of chorizo or carnitas. And because we think flexibility pairs best with simplicity, we did two things: firstly, we made them from simple and delicious ingredients. Secondly, we made them all-in-one, so you don’t need to add these seasonings to anything other than the veggie or protein of your choice, and a little oil. 

Protein recommendations, you ask? Well, when it comes to your own stomach, we always encourage you to follow your heart. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have plenty of recommendations! We really enjoy our Chorizo Skillet Cooking Spice on eggs, potatoes, ground proteins, minced mushrooms, and tofu. Our Carnitas Slow Cooker Spice tastes delightful on pork, chicken, and jackfruit alike! 

Now, you can get on with your day, enjoying Mexican-inspired flavors at home without a lot of effort, using only simple, tasty ingredients, and with time to spare and spend with families and friends. Heck, with all this spare time, you may even have more time to (read a little more about our seasonings below and finally) practice the splits!

Siete Chorizo Skillet Cooking Spice
Chorizo Skillet Cooking Spice
Our Chorizo Skillet Cooking Spice is inspired by our family’s first chorizo pioneers, and the heart and soul they put into creating a dish for the family to gather around and enjoy. Made from simple ingredients apple cider vinegar, chile, and garlic (and none of the kitchen-cabinet guesswork), you can enjoy the flavor of chorizo in traditional dishes like chorizo con huevo or papas con chorizo. Simply add our all-in-one Chorizo Skillet Cooking Spice to eggs, potatoes, ground proteins, minced mushrooms, tofu or whatever your heart dreams, really! 

Siete Carnitas Slow Cooker Spice

Carnitas Slow Cooker Spice
Inspired by family memories of our Grandma Campos making a carnitas-style dish, where she cooked pork in the oven then crisped it in a pan with seasonings from her cupboard, we’re delighted to bring you this delicious heritage-inspired seasoning sans spice cabinet guesswork. With flavor so bold, you’d never guess that the ingredients are as simple as dates, garlic, onion, citrus, and cumin. In fact, our Carnitas Slow Cooker Spice is an all-in-one seasoning, so there’s no need to add much more than a little oil, and the veggie or protein of choice—pork, chicken, jackfruit, or otherwise. Easy as that! 

Available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide for $2.99, starting this February.

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