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Growing up in Laredo, our family enjoyed the best of both of our Mexican and American cultures. We tuned in to novelas and Friends; we made tamales and ordered pizza; and we enjoyed papitas and potato chips. Inspired by the papitas found in mercados—that we drenched in limón and hot sauce—and popular brand-bagged potato chips in corner stores, we’ve cooked up another product that traverses both cultures (and childhood snack-time nostalgia): Kettle Cooked Potato Chips! 
Ahh, the humble potato. Loveable in so many plates like papas fritas, papas con chorizo, baked potatoes, and hash browns. Here and now, however, we’ve doubled-down on the delectable simplicity of this ingredient by kettle-cooking it in 100% avocado oil and sprinkling on some of our favorite heritage-inspired flavors, and—behold: thin, crunchy, and delicious Mexican style potato chips. Simple as that! 

Our new line of Kettle Cooked Potato chips goes out to all the bags of potato chips that we’ve ever devoured with a sandwich, as botanas for a gathering, or as a late-night snack. Gee, that’s a lot of chips, you say! Right you are. Which is why we took our kettle-cooked potato base, loaded them in our car, and drove them to Flavortown to come up with a total of four different flavors! (Now, before you wonder if Flavortown is a real place or just a “state of taste,”—or both—we encourage you to first give these chips a try.) Available in Sea Salt, Fuego, Chipotle BBQ, and Sea Salt + Vinegar with a Hint of Serrano, there’s a flavor for everyone who wants to get their snack on. More on these finger-licking flavors below:

Siete Kettle Cooked Sea Salt Potato Chips
Sea Salt

Potato heads unite! That’s right, we said “potato heads”—no, not like Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head—but rather the people who passionately pine for potatoes like our family does. In fact, we love potatoes so much that we made a simple potato chip with just the basics—avocado oil and sea salt—to enhance the naturally delectable crunch of potatoes, and to bring you: Kettle Cooked Sea Salt Potato Chips.

Siete Kettle Cooked Fuego Potato Chips


Hot potato, hot potato, who’s got the hot potato? If you’ve got the fuego papitas, then you do! Our Kettle Cooked Fuego Potato Chips deliver that can't-get-enough old-school crunch with bold fuego flavor. How’s that, you ask? Well, our potato chips are kettle cooked in with 100% avocado oil, and then tossed in our piquant blend of spices like chile, tomato, jalapeño, and garlic. Is this the kind of flavor-meets-crunch innovation that they call “too hot to handle?” Psh, we’ll leave that for you to decide, hot potato.

Siete Kettle Cooked Chipotle BBQ Potato Chips

Chipotle BBQ

Just think—crispy-cut kettle cooked potato chips that bring the subtle smoke of chipotle together with the delightful tang of BBQ sauce… Suddenly, we found ourselves resisting the impulse to lick our fingers, as we have done in barbecues past, so we made these chips so that our carne asada cravings can be met at last!

Siete Kettle Cooked Sea Salt and Vinegar Hint of Serrano Potato Chips
Sea Salt + Vinegar with a Hint of Serrano

By now, you might know that we’re a family full of flavor fanatics. What can we say? We see Serranos peppers, sea salt, and apple cider vinegar and we’re just a batch of kettle cooked potato chips away from mixing them all together and doing our flavor-induced happy dance. (You know the one—we’ve all got one—whether it’s a subtle shoulder shimmy, a little aerial airplane action, or ammm-cha-cha-cha!). So, in the spirit of seeing you do your happy dance, we went ahead and made these Kettle Cooked Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips. That’s right. Go on and do your dance.

Want in on the crunch? Our Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are now available online at and in Sprouts stores nationwide for $3.99.

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