Siete Juntos Fund -

Siete juntos fund: Taco Edition

We're looking to uplift
three taco businesses
across the nation.

Siete Juntos Fund: Taco Edition

We're looking to uplift three taco businesses across the nation.

Siete Juntos Fund


the application period for our 2022 juntos fund is now closed. check back next year to apply.
we look forward to hearing your story!

Calling all Latino/Latina/Latiné taco business owners! 

This year, we are selecting three taco businesses (taquerias, taco trucks, taco shops, taco stands, taco stalls, etc.) to receive part of the $40,000 award.


CocoAndré Chocolatier & Horchatería is a specialty shop based in Dallas, TX, led by the mother/daughter team of Andrea & Cindy Pedraza. They serve up hand-crafted delicious chocolates and other tasty treats filled with Mexican flavors, and a whole lot of love.

Since last year's Juntos Fund, we've loved watching CocoAndré continue their amazing work in the chocolate industry. We also had the delicious opportunity to do a Siete X CocoAndré collaboration to create festive Hot Chocolate Bombs during our 2021 HolidaySmall Batch.

We're excited to see what they do next! Read more about our first Juntos Fund recipients below.


1. Am I eligible?

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants must own and operate a qualifying business, either independently or with partners. Subsidiary and franchise businesses are not eligible to apply.

      1. Qualifying businesses: 
        1. Business must be at least 50% Latino/Latina/Latiné-owned.
        2. Qualifying business must be a taqueria or taco provider (food and beverage businesses that specialize in tacos), including but not limited to establishments that have a menu that serves tacos or have “taco” in its business name, taco trucks, taco shops, taco stands, or taco stalls.
        3. Qualifying businesses must be a sole proprietorship, partnership or other legal entity, organized, and existing and authorized to do business in the United States.
      2. Award recipients must use funds for a legitimate business purpose. Applicants are required to specifically define how they intend to use the award and the positive impact they believe it will have on the success of their business.
      3. Each applicant agrees that Siete has the right to publicize their names, business name, business logo, business location, biographical information, characters, interviews, photographs, voices, videotape, likenesses, and/or statements in connection with promotion of the Juntos Fund, if chosen as a semi-finalist and/or award recipient.

2. What is the award?

Siete will award a total of $40,000 during this Juntos Fund period in three (3) separate award amounts: (1) $25,000, (2) $10,000 & (3) $5,000 to three (3) separate recipients.

3. How do i apply?

  1. The application period for our 2022 juntos fund is now closed. check back next year to apply .
    We look forward to hearing your story! 

4. What happens after I apply?

  1. Siete will accept applications through the end of the application period, at 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST), on Friday, August 19, 2022.
  2. After Siete’s initial review of all the applications, up to seven (7) semi-finalists will be selected. Semi-finalists will be notified via email by 6:00 p.m., Central Standard Time (CST), Thursday September 1st, 2022. Each semi-finalist must respond to Siete and provide any requested information via email by the date(s) listed in the notification email. 
  3.  Applicants who do not advance to the semi-finalist round will also be updated via email.Semi-finalists will need to provide a W9, a Certificate of Good Standing registered with the state in which they operate (if not a Sole Proprietor), and schedule an interview with Siete to continue with the application process. We will also conduct a background check.

5. What should I expect from the semi-finalist interview?

  1. The semi-finalist interviews will occur remotely, either via phone or video conferencing. This is our chance to get to know you and your business more before we make a final decision.
  2. All semi-finalist interviews must be conducted by 6:00 p.m., Central Standard Time (CST), Monday, September 12th, 2022. After the semi-finalist interviews, Siete will select three (3) award recipients.

6. Do I have to pay taxes on the award?

  1. The award recipient will be liable for all federal, state, and local tax on their respective $5,000, $10,000, or $25,000 award amounts.

7. How can I spend the funds?

  1. The award must be used for a legitimate business purpose, and must be consistent with what is proposed in your application. We recommend thinking about this thoroughly before you apply!

8. Do I have to submit a written application?

  1. We do require a written application, which will allow us to get to know you and your business. We understand that there are many other ways to tell your story, though, so we encourage you to take advantage of the question on the application that allows you to submit additional information in any format you choose.

9. Can I preview the application questions?

  1. Absolutely! You can download a list of the application questions here.
    Puede descargar la lista de preguntas aquí antes de comenzar.

10. Can I nominate someone and apply on their behalf?

  1. We love that you are thinking of someone in your community that would be a good fit for the Siete Juntos Fund! Each applicant needs to apply on behalf of their own business, so we’d be honored if you’d forward the application link to them and encourage them to apply! Juntos es Mejor!

11. Where can i find Promotional digital assets to share this?

We have promotional material that we'd love to share, thanks! You can view here.

Siete juntos Fund

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Togetherness is our family’s way of life. It’s at the core of everything we’ve ever done, and everything we do.

The name for the Siete Juntos Fund is derived from our family’s motto "Juntos es Mejor", which translates to Together is Better.

We’re on a mission to create positive change in the communities that need it most, and—like all things—we want to do this together.

Juntos Volamos!


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