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Siete Videos

Telenovela: How to Heat Your Tortilla

Because the only thing we take more seriously than burning love is heating tortillas! Watch Jamie, from our Customer Delight Team, and Nic, from Quality Assurance, bring this drama to life.

Telenovela: Haunted House

A haunted house may be the last place you’d expect to see these passionate tortilla lovers, but alas—we are in the month of spook! While this might not be the love story you were expecting, it does give you all the thrills and chills of a midnight freight.

Telenovela: Target

Jamie continues on her journey to find love. With the help of her trusty compañero, Nicolas, they venture to a magical place called Target—a place where people travel from near and far, seeking and searching for the desires of their corazon.

Telenovela: Target Mannequin

Match made in heaven: Siete's light and crispy tortilla chips + Target!

Juntos es Mejor: Siete Family Foods

Food has the special ability to bring people together. It unites family, friends and communities. We are Siete Family Foods and we gather around the table because we believe Juntos es Mejor, “together is better."


At Siete we create delicious foods that are nostalgic and satisfying by using simple ingredients like almond flour, whole vegetables, and avocado oil.

Tip #1: Don't Double Dip Your Chip

Like the teams on the field, our family likes to double-down on our Game Day snacks. This year, we're fueling up on our new Grain Free Dip Chip. So nice, you might even be tempted to dip it twice...

Tip #2: Don't Stand in Front of the TV

In our family, nothing gets in the way of Game Day and our Game Day food...except for maybe our enthusiasm, itself.

Tip #3: Don't Sing During The Halftime Show

Getting hungry waiting for Sunday Night? Us too—we've dreamed of this game for so long.

Siete Holiday Send

They say there’s no place like home for the holidays, so we hope, no matter how far away you roam, this box brings some of our home and our kitchen to you!

Bag Toss (Chipotle BBQ / Jalapeno Lime)

Heading into 2020, our family has got some resolutions—“new year, new flavors,” are we right? Introducing two newcomers to our grain free line of flavor-forward chips: Jalapeño Lime and Chipotle BBQ! 

Siete Field Day 2019

One household all alike in dignity in fair Austin, we lay our scene. From kindred bonds break to new camaraderie, where Field Friday makes Siete hands unclean. From forth the foam roller baseball to the sack race, the dawn of a new age—the teams: Habanero, Jalapeño, Traditional, and Chipotle...