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Siete Scares

When in the season of tricks and treats...

35 Questions w/Siete

Ever innocently wonder what your coworkers’ house looks like? Well, we can’t help you there. Sorry. BUT, if you’ve ever wondered what our office-casa looks like...feast your eyes! Featuring an *exclusive* peek into the day-to-day around Siete.

Expo East 2019

We look forward to Expo all year long for the chance to gather together and share our latest creations. Thank you all for visiting our booth this week whether it was to run up and give us a hug, to drink margaritas with us, or to try something new!

The Siete Office: Singing In The Rain

The Siete Office, Part 2: You asked for it, so here it is: a video of us singing and dancing to announce that we're in Target and Kroger! We dusted off our dancing shoes just for you.

The Siete Office: The Big Question

The Siete Office Part 1: We are launching into Target and Kroger! The BIG Question? How do we announce it? We've got a few ideas (jingles, puppies, singing and dancing) but what do you think?

How To Heat Your Taco Shells

How to Heat your taco shells! Tips and tricks from our family to yours.

Juntos At Home

Old habits are hard to break! Typically, around lunchtime, our familia catches up and enjoys each other's company in our cafe, or outside in the Siete courtyard as we fuel up for the rest of our day. We hopped on a video conference call to check-in, eat, and-well, you'll see...