Introducing Our New Line of Churro Strips -

January 13, 2021

When was the last time you had a churro? Years ago, at a Mexican street market one sunny Saturday afternoon, walking from vendor to vendor with a newspaper-wrapped churro in hand? Or was it that time you went to the state fair, and wandered amongst the neon whirl of games and rides while alternating between taking bites of your churro and cotton candy? Or perhaps it was when you went to Disneyland, and ate one amongst the gleeful giggles of people parading around with baked treats, meeting their childhood heroes? Even if you can’t name the time and the place—after all, there are so many good memories around churros!—we have a follow up question: when was the last time you ate a delicious grain free, gluten free, vegan churro? The way we see it, that time has come. Now introducing our Grain Free Churro Strips!

Back in 2014, when our family first changed our diet and embarked on our journey to health, we had a hard time finding better-for-you alternatives for foods that are staples of our Mexican-American culture like tortillas, queso, and enchilada sauce—not to mention sweet treats, like churros. Without a grain free alternative in sight, gone were the days of picking up churros from the local grocery store in Laredo to bring home and share with the family.

Years later, we’re switching things up in the kitchen so that’s no longer the case because we like sweets, and we think you might, too! Made from cassava masa, coconut sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla bean powder, we’re excited to recreate a nostalgic food from our childhood with simple ingredients.

Ready to remember the last time you had a delicious, grain free churro? Our Grain Free Churro Strips will be available this January for$5.99 in Sprouts and Whole Food Markets nationwide.

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