Siete Kids -

Bienvenidos niños!

Hi, Kids! Welcome to the page built just for YOU! We're so glad you're here. If you like to cook, color, play, and learn, then you're in the right place! Make yourself at home, or, as our family says, "mi casa es su casa."

We’ve made it our mission to create amazingly flavorful foods and recipes made from simple ingredients that everyone can enjoy—that means even you, kiddos!

Here to help teach us some basic Spanish, from numbers to colors, are some adorable kids from our Siete family.

We created a Siete Activity Book that includes the alphabet, numbers, papel picado, y más! Print out, or download to your device to color, and enjoy!

We’ve reached out to some of our favorite teachers to help give you a crash-course in teaching from home.

Here's a quick workout for your tiny humans and a small break for you, parents, (if you need— otherwise, feel free to join in!) while staying at home. Normally, we don't endorse running in the house, but we hope you'll find that this little activity goes a long way when bedtime comes around.

Home, home, on the range, where Eleanor and her farm play, where often is heard an educating word, and we can learn about animals all day!

Known for their ability to take us to magical places, books help us learn about things near and far, through the power of imagination.