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Home, home, on the range, where Eleanor and her farm play, where often is heard an educating word, and we can learn about animals all day!Oh, hello there! If you’ve stumbled across this page, love animals, and love learning, consider yourself lucky. Meet Eleanor, our Director of Shopper Marketing, and our Animal-Expert-Extraordinaire! 

Join us on April, 17 for Eleanor's Backyard Farm Class on our Instagram page!

The story of Eleanor and all her pets, from Eleanor, herself:

I always loved animals, but never knew I’d grow up to be an aspiring farmer! As I got older, I learned more and more about animals and how to love, care, and respect them. It all started with my Great Pyrenees pup, Denali 4 years ago. I adopted her from a local Utah rescue thinking she was a lab mix and was expected to be about 70lbs, the perfect hiking partner! I knew something was up when she hit 90lbs at 6 months old... The vet told me she’s definitely a Great Pyrenees mix which also explained why she was so independent and maybe not the best hiking dog because she’s more of a free spirit and doesn’t really stay too close when there are exciting smells to sniff. In between barking off predators like the neighborhood kids on their scooters and squirrels sneezing from a distance, her favorite hobby is napping in the grass. We love our huge fluff and are so happy we got to adopt this quirky, gentle giant.

After having Denali for a few years, our interest in farm animals grew! I drove past the local farm store on my way home from work every day and noticed the sign out front said, “Pick up your baby chicks today!” I talked to my husband about it for a good while and we did lots of research to learn about what they needed before deciding to get our first flock. We now have five chickens and two ducks: Walker (Welsummer), Texas Ranger (Ameraucana), Ralphie (Buff Orpington), Sheldon (Australorp), Nugget (Olive Egger), Snax (Cayuga Duck), and Toast (Fawn Runner duck). Our first flock are all about three years old and we’ve had them since they were just two-day-old chicks! Nugget, Snax, and Toast all came in a second batch (long story for another day!) and are one year old.

Backyard Farm Lady was born as we began to learn more and more about homesteading. It all started in a little rental townhome on .15 acres, just enough for our pup and first four chickens in the backyard and a container garden in the front! As we decided to commit to the backyard farm life, we moved into a space with a bigger yard but plenty of space for all our animals and our most recent addition, Kramer, though he lives inside with us, humans. Kramer is a 4lb Lionshead rabbit with just about the coolest hairstyle you’ve ever seen on a pet. We named him after Kramer in Seinfeld for his crazy look! Kramer is tiny but has a huge personality and is SUCH a stereotypical little boy. Loves leaving his toys all over the place, he’s a messy eater, and can get away with anything with a cute look. We love our sweet bunny! 

Check out Backyard Farm Lady's printable workbook to download and color: