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All the pleasure of stretching your brain, all while learning a little more about Siete! How many can you fill in without consulting our Siete Encyclopedia (or the cheat-sheet!)?

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So much to do and so little time? Or, so little to do and so much time? No worries! Either way, we’ve got you covered! For those of us who like to insert a little structure into our day-to-day, we’ve created a Siete Weekly Planner! Complete with each day of the week and a little space to pencil in and plan out activities and reminders for your family.

weekly planner

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Art is near and dear to our hearts (and not just because it rhymes...). At our Siete office, we surround ourselves with many colorful prints, patterns, and textures that celebrate our Mexican-American culture; and we love them so much that we wanted to share some of them with you and your family. So, we created a Siete Activity Book that includes the alphabet, numbers, papel picado, y más! Print out, or download to your device to color, and enjoy!

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 [TIP for digital downloading and coloring: First, download "COLORFY" from your app store. Then, open the App and click the "CREATE" tab. Next, click "IMPORT" once in the “CREATE” tab. Either select image from photo album by clicking image ‘“+” symbol or take/save image of color sheet. Finally, color away!]


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