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October 31, 2016

Grab a seat at the table, a [popular carbonated water sold in the American southwest that rhymes with loco pico], and make yourself at home. We've launched this portal, "Siete Stories", in order to keep you up-to-date with the latest updates and innovations from the Siete family.

Why? At some point during the Summer, between the launch of our Cassava & Chia tortillas and the family's kids heading back to school, we realized that our existing FAQ wouldn't cut it anymore as the primary outlet for informing our customers and fans. We simply weren't making it easy enough for you to get the information that you need and the stories that you crave. That was our bad. But you're here now! So grab a plate, some tortillas, and let's enjoy each other's company.


At Siete Stories you will find:

  • Quick, simple, and delicious recipes for essentials like tacos and quesadillas.
  • News about Siete in the community.
  • Superhuman feats of strength.
  • Postcards from home and abroad.
  • How to purchase and wear Siete apparel and gear. (Kriss Kross is still cool, right?)
  • Information about the charitable causes we support.
  • Beautiful, complicated recipes like mole, picadillo, and aguachile.
  • Instructions for how to best heat, freeze, and enjoy our tortillas.
  • Product and store launch information.
  • Profiles of the individuals and groups that inspire us.


We know that you can leave and go to somebody else's house if we don't entertain you (although our hearts would break a little!). So we hope to create an engaging, captivating experience that'll make you feel like you're at home when you're here.

With love,

The Garzas & The Siete Team

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Carne Asada Season
Siete Foods Carne Asada Season Hero Image Blog
Carne Asada Season

May 16, 2022

Togetherness is our familia's way of life, and one of our favorite ways to gather together is around the grill at a carne asada. In our culture, a carne asada is a gathering with friends, family, and neighbors. Think: A backyard barbecue! You don't need much to host a carne asada, but we've included a few of our favorite recipes & carne asada essentials!
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Introducing our new line of Refried Beans!
Introducing our new line of Refried Beans!
Introducing our new line of Refried Beans!

April 04, 2022

We remember the joy of walking into our Grandma Campos’ house and being greeted by the warm, savory aroma of frijoles. Beans are a “must-serve” at our table and a staple of our Mexican-American heritage. Which is why we’ve made our own Vegan Refried Pinto and Refried Black Beans using nourishing ingredients like organic beans and avocado oil! 
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Simple Game Day Recipes
Simple Game Day Recipes
Simple Game Day Recipes

February 10, 2022

Here are a few simple gluten free & dairy free recipes (including some finger food favorites) we think you and your loved ones will enjoy! From Papitas Fried Pickles to Chili con Queso, each of these easy recipes has a kick of flavor so good they could score a field goal! 
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