Love Siete? Wear Siete (For A Cause) -

If you like the Siete style that you see on our website and packaging, we have some awesome news! We recently launched a line of Siete apparel that's unbelievably soft and features the resplendent Garza bird you can find on our company's packaging.

Why? We saw an opportunity to work with local charities to further our mission of promoting health and wellness in under-served communities. Now, more than ever, we Texans need to come together to help those in need, and our first partner, WeViva, does just that.

WeViva is an inspirational non-profit that provides fitness and nutrition programs to people in low-income communities in Austin, Texas. These programs, aimed at fostering wellness, are all free to participants and are bilingual. WeViva seeks to remove the barriers that so many face when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

The profit from each sale of Siete apparel this month will help fund these free classes and programs.

When we created Siete, we set out to create a company that empowers individuals to eat and live in the way that they want. In order to reach that goal, partnering with this powerful charity just made sense.

Our first line of apparel consists of shirts for women, unisex, kids, toddlers, and babies, unisex hoodies, and one cap. Here are some shots that didn't make the product pages!