Siete x Compartés’: White Chocolate Avocado + Chips Bar featuring Siet -

In guacamole, on tacos, with huevos rancheros, in taco bowls, sushi, quesadillas, sandwiches, and salads...avocados are the champion of many dishes close to our hearts, including the avocado oil used in all of our grain free tortilla chips, and in some of our sauces. Not only do we love avocado for its taste and versatility, but we love how our family feels good eatin’ it, too. 

Now, we just gave you a pretty lengthy (although certainly not definitive list) of some of our favorite ways to enjoy avocado. But what if we tacked on ‘in chocolate’ to that list? Yes,chocolate!

Our family has partnered with the Compartes Chocolate to bring you a special, summery treat featuring—you guessed it—avocado. Now, if you’re no stranger to chocolate but aren’t familiar with Compartes, here is the low-down: Compartes, which is also a family-owned brand, is known for their creative innovation in the chocolate industry, using a mouth-watering array of high-quality ingredients to make some really unique (and delicious!) chocolates. And, as a chocolate-loving family, we are super excited to join in on the fun of their latest summer white-chocolate creation with one of our heritage-inspired foods, our Grain Free Dip Chip.

Find out more about this sweet partnering here! While supplies last, for a limited time.