INTRODUCING SIETE SMALL BATCH: Online Exclusive Small Batches of Siete -

October 06, 2020

It’s with great excitement that our family presents to you: Siete Small Batch! If you’re not familiar with the phrase “good things come in small batches,” don’t worry—we weren’t either, but we plan to be. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in our Siete kitchen—breathing in the aroma of hot-off-the-comal tortillas, or licking what’s left of the hot sauce mixing bowls—our Siete Small Batch may be the place for you. Through Small Batch, you can experience the excitement of what it’s like to try creations straight from our kitchen before anyone else even knows ‘what’s cooking.’

Siete Small Batch will enable us to continue expanding our digital capabilities while giving you an exclusive taste of Siete, based off these simple ideas:

    1. We’re always looking for a chance to delight you. If sending you unique, new, or limited products has any hope of making your day, then we want that opportunity, hands-down.
    2. Our familia is great believers in connecting with you over authentic let’s-grab-coffee-and-sit-down-type conversations. Unfortunately, that’s not always in the cards. One of the best ways we know how to bridge this gap is by sending our products to you directly; we're like that giddy friend who drops something specially-curated just for you at your door and then runs away giggling.
    3. To us, innovation is fulfilling and sharing is important. With Siete Small Batch, we feel empowered to do what we love—create great-tasting heritage-inspired products from simple ingredients and share them with you faster, rapid-innovation style.
    4. To be frank: we noticed you noticing us. Or rather, our Grain Free Mini Buñuelos Cinnamon Crisps, and we’re flattered. Your celebration of any of our products is our accolades. After selling out of buñuelos in a matter of hours both times we launched them on, we realized we were missing a massive opportunity to delight you (see goal #1) regularly. 
    5. That’s right, we said “regularly.” In the coming 12 months, we want to bring you the best of our small-kitchen successes, if you’re into that. 


All items available on Siete Small Batch are limited run until they are sold out; items are not available in stores. Sound like something you want to be clued-in on? Ensure you’re among the first to get Siete Small Batch updates by subscribing to our email newsletter.


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