Salsa is a staple in our culture, and you can find it on the table for most every meal—right next to a heaping serving of tortilla chips! So we created our very own Casera-Style and Taqueria-Style Salsas as the perfect partners for your favorite chips. We hope these salsas take you back to the stacks of homemade salsas in your grandma’s fridge, or remind you of that one taqueria you visited years ago (you know the one with salsa so good you ordered extra and took it home)!

Our Taqueria-Style Salsas include Salsa Soleada and Salsa Cremosa, and our Casera-Style Salsas include Mild Salsa Roja and Spicy Salsa Roja. We hope you love 'em as much as we do! 


Siete Foods Taquería-Style & Casera-Style Salsas


Read more about all four of our NEW salsas below! 


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Walk into a good taqueria, and you’ll be sure to find a signature salsa that you can’t stop taco-ing about. In order to share this experience with you, we created our own Taqueria-Style salsas—Salsa Soleada and Salsa Cremosa—using ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes for our Salsa Soleada and jalapeños and roasted garlic for our Salsa Cremosa. Both are great for topping tacos, burrito bowls, and tostadas; adding extra flavor to your favorite meals; and, of course, for all your tortilla chip dipping.


Siete Foods Taquería Style Salsas 


Salsa Soleada

Made with distinctive ingredients like olive oil and sun-dried tomatoes, this adventurous Salsa Soleada is flavorful, rich, and bright. (After all, “soleada” means “sunny!”) It’s a salsa with a thicker texture that’s perfect for drizzling, pouring, and spooning on top of all your favorite foods—from tacos and enchiladas to burrito bowls and flautas. Plus it tastes great with tortilla chips, too! Think of it as your salsa sol-mate.


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Salsa Cremosa

Introducing: Salsa Cremosa! It’s medium-spiced, extra creamy from olive oil, and mildly sweet from roasted garlic, plus it’s got a beautiful light green color from jalapeño peppers! You may recognize this type of salsa from your favorite taquerias, and we're delighted to share it with you here and now so you can drizzle it on top of tacos, enjoy with chips, and experience that taqueria taste at home. Fair warning: this salsa will have everyone jalap-eño business. (As in, you might need an extra jar! You know, just in case.)


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Inspired by the many homemade salsas our grandma made for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we created our line of Casera-Style salsas. And because we know everyone’s got a different taste for spice, we made two: Mild Salsa Roja and Spicy Salsa Roja! These salsas are staples in our home. We top everything (and we mean, everything!) with these salsas—tacos, eggs, nachos, avocado toast, flautas, veggies, fajitas, quesadillas…you get the picture! Pour, drizzle, and scoop ‘em on whatever your heart desires. Think of these as our way of transporting you straight into our Siete family kitchen. 

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Mild Salsa Roja

Our mom’s favorite salsas check two boxes: “not too spicy” and “made with simple ingredients.” So we made a Mild Salsa Roja that checks both of those boxes! Inspired by memories of our grandma and our mom using minimal ingredients to make the best homemade salsas, we called these “Casera-Style” salsas (which means, “homemade”). We can’t wait for you to try it, so you can get a taste of what it’s like to be in our home and at our table.


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Spicy Salsa Roja

If you ask us, some of the best salsas in life are SPICY! And if you feel the same—as in, you love “fueling the fire” at every meal—our Spicy Salsa Roja has already got your name on it. Made with roasted tomatoes, roasted garlic, and two kinds of chile peppers (serranos and habanero peppers), it’s simple, delicious, and hot. The kind of "hot" you can’t stop eating and keeps you coming back for more!


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Now available at Whole Foods Markets,, and coming to more stores soon!