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This Latino Heritage Month, our familia is celebrating the people who inspire us, in honor of our community—past, present, and future. By highlighting inspiring Latino/as, we celebrate our power as a community because Juntos Inspiramos, “together, we inspire.”


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We hope to help pave the way and build a foundation—shoulders that future generations can stand on—the way those who came before us paved the way for our generation to be able to do what we love. We hope to inspire the future by telling each of our stories and sharing our beloved culture with others. 


We asked people in our community to tell us what Juntos Inspiramos means to them.

Read their responses below!


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Jordan Hicks & Victor Guardiola - Founders of Bawi Agua Fresca

Q: What does Juntos Inspiramos mean to you?
A: Juntos Inspiramos means that we're actively inspiring other minority-led brands to take their brands and missions to the next level. Part of this inspiration is direct action through mentorship, which Jordan and I have both done while growing Bawi. Inspiration with the addition of guidance allows us to inspire others in a way that helps their visions grow! 

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La Santa Barbacha ATX

Q: What does Juntos Inspiramos mean to you? 
A: La Santa Barbacha is all about family, culture, and traditions. Juntos Inspiramos is an opportunity to show the roots about who inspired us and the reason why we are here in Austin representing our culture.

La Santa Barbacha Family Photo

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Gloria Calderón Kellet

Q: What does Juntos Inspiramos mean to you?
A: Juntos Inspiramos means highlighting people out there who are doing work with passion and joy. It’s a celebration and a win for us all.

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Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein of Lil' Libros


Q: What does Juntos Inspiramos mean to you? 

A: When we inspire as a community, there are no limits to what we can achieve. We see ourselves in everyone's victories, and together we have the ability to inspire our future generations to create incredible things. Juntos Inspiramos is community. It's walking into a room, knowing that when that door opens, it will remain open for other to walk in and continue work towards our growth as a community! 
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