Introducing: Maíz Totopos Corn Tortilla Chips -

When our family thinks of restaurant-style corn tortilla chips, we think of warm, salted chips in a bowl big enough to feed the whole table. This is why we’re so excited to share a new line of delicious, heritage-inspired chips, made to invite even more people to the table:


Siete Maíz Totopos Corn Tortilla Chips!   


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Our familia has been working on fine-tuning the recipes for our new Maíz Totopos Corn Tortilla Chips for years. We used ingredients we love and feel good about (like organic corn and creamy avocado oil!) to make our delicious totopos!

Plus, we're proud to highlight and honor the process of nixtamalization, an ancient technique that has been part of our Mexican culture for generations. This process includes stone-grinding and soaking corn in lime, which helps bring out its naturally robust and delicious flavors—and gives our totopos that nice crunch! As corny as it sounds, they taste pretty a-maíz-ing this way.


Siete Foods Nixtamalized Maíz Totopos



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What’s Maíz? 

“Maíz” is corn. It’s pronounced like: Mah-eez! 

Siete Foods Maíz Totopos Corn Icon

Siete Foods Maíz Totopos Corn Icon


What are Totopos?

“Totopos” are tortilla chips! They’re crunchy and often fried in a variety of oils, and sometimes they’re baked, too. We made ours using our favorite: avocado oil!


Why avocado oil?

Like corn, avocado is an ingredient that plays a big role in our culture. Avocado oil is mild in taste and has a high smoke point which makes it versatile and perfect for frying all of our chips. (Plus, it’s our go-to!) 

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Why Nixtamalized Corn?

Corn is a crop with deep roots in our Mexican heritage that our ancestors have been eating and enjoying using the ancient process of nixtamalization for thousands of years. This process changes the profile of the corn (and gives it that great, nostalgic flavor!) by soaking the kernels in lime and then stone-grinding them to make masa (dough). 


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Our mission is to bring people together and inspire inclusivity in the kitchen and at the table by sharing Mexican-American foods made with real ingredients! Our familia is so excited to share these three new varieties of Maíz Totopos Corn Tortilla Chips today, as an invitation for more people to gather and enjoy delicious heritage-inspired foods together: 


Sea Salt

Corn is an ingredient that's been used throughout our culture for ages. Which is why our family thinks of it as a “salt of the earth” ingredient, right up there with avocado, and—well, salt, for that matter. So we put all three of these ingredients together—organic white and yellow corn, avocado oil, and sea salt—and got these delicious and crunchy corn tortilla chips. With the perfect ratio of chip to salt, there’s nothing left to be salty about—except, maybe, when you run out…


Siete Sea Salt Maíz Totopos Corn Tortilla Chips




The difference between a good tortilla chip and a great tortilla chip exists on a fine lime. And, even if that’s not entirely true, we took that to heart and added a squeeze of zesty lime to these tortilla chips anyways. Made with some of our favorite heritage ingredients, like organic yellow and white corn, avocado oil, and lime, they’re so crunchy and delicious that we can’t help but refill our bowls with these chips, lime after lime.  


Siete Foods Lime Maíz Totopos Corn Tortilla Chips Image



Blue Corn

With our mission to have something for everyone and there being so many different types of corn, we thought, “why not make a blue corn tortilla chip?” It looks like the medianoche night sky and tastes like a dream! So, once we sourced delicious avocado oil & organic blue corn kernels, it was really just a chip off the old block.


Siete Foods Blue Corn Maíz Totopos Corn Tortilla Chips Image


Our Maíz Totopos Corn Tortilla Chips are coming soon to Whole Foods, Sprouts Farmers Market,, Kroger, H-E-B, and other grocery stores near you!