Siete x Nixta Taqueria Small Batch: Heirloom Corn Totopos -

This Small Batch, we partnered with our friends at Nixta Taqueria, masters of nixtamalization, to create tortilla chips using a keystone ingredient of our Mexican culture—corn. Now introducing our limited-edition, cultural collaboration: 

Siete x Nixta Heirloom Corn Totopos (Tortilla Chips) 

Siete x Nixta Small Batch Totopos Photo
Led by the brilliant (and James-Beard Award recipient!) Head Chef Edgar Rico, Nixta is a local Austin restaurant known for serving delicious and innovative Mexican dishes—specializing in maiz (corn) that is sourced from Mexico. Not only are we huge fans of everything they create, but we admire how they preserve and practice ancestral methods, source ethically and locally, and educate the public through food and culture.We’ve had the honor of getting to know them as family over the last couple years, so we could not be happier to collaborate with them for this Small Batch!  



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Our teams got together to practice the techniques behind the ancient art of stone-grinding corn and nixtamalization. We began using yellow corn masa for primary trials (pictured below), but eventually decided we'd be using blue and red organic heirloom corn for this Small Batch!

Siete x Nixta Taqueria Nixtamalization Process Photos



Nixtamalization is the process of cooking corn kernels in lime and water and then stone grounding to create flour for tortillas—or, in this case, delicious totopos (tortilla chips)!

Siete x Nixta Small Batch Nixtamal Corn Image


Scarleth and Dan from our Siete team took notes on how the team at Nixta washes, stone-grinds, and nixtamalizes their corn, and they began making what would soon become these Small Batch Heirloom Corn Totopos! 
Siete x Nixta Corn Nixtamalization Process



 With Nixta’s tips and tricks, these gluten free, dairy free, and vegan artisanal chips were created—straight from our Siete kitchen. 

Siete x Nixta Small Batch Nixtamal Masa Image

They’re fried in our usual avocado oil, making them light, crispy, but also full of great texture and flavor from being stone ground!
Siete x Nixta Learning Process Masa Tortillas to Chips!
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This Small Batch offering is our way of inviting even more people to the table, with an ingredient and process that has been a staple of Mexican culture for generations. After all, our family believes there’s no meal or occasion that can’t be made better by a big bag or bowl of crunchy tortilla chips!


Siete x Nixta Small Batch Gif

We are proud to share, highlight, and present these Siete x Nixta Heirloom Corn Totopos as a true embodiment of the cultural collaboration between our familia and Nixta Taqueria. We hope you’re hungry!