Introducing Our New Beans: Charro Beans and Refried Ranchero Beans! -

Introducing our NEW Vegan Refried Ranchero Beans and Vegan Charro Beans!


Beans have a special place in our hearts, so after coming out with our Vegan Refried Pinto Beans and Vegan Refried Black Beans, we were already hungry for more. We're excited to introduce two new heritage-inspired bean flavors below. 


Siete Foods Vegan Refried Ranchero and Vegan Charro Beans Image


Vegan Refried Ranchero Beans

Growing up in South Texas, our family enjoys adding extras like tomatoes, onions, and peppers to our beans—a style better known as, “Ranchero-Style.” Today, we’ve made our own smooth and delicious Vegan Refried Ranchero Beans with this heritage-inspired flavor so that everyone can dig in! Campfire and worn-in cowboy boots not required when eating or serving, but if you take your first bite and feel like tippin’ your hat off to some good beans, we’ll take that as a job well done. Enjoy these in tacos, atop tostadas, on breakfast plates, and alongside rice!

Siete Foods Ranchero Refried Beans Breakfast Plate Image


Vegan Charro Beans

Our family loves beans, and one of our favorite ways to enjoy them is a whole-bean style (as opposed to refried!)  called, “Frijoles Charros,” or “Charro Beans.” Our Vegan Charro Beans are tender and simmered in a flavorful broth seasoned with onion, garlic, tomato and paprika. We also added a touch of pickled jalapeño to give ‘em a mild spice! Enjoy them warmed, alongside a fresh stack of tortillas, served with carne asada, or paired with rice! Be warned, however, even as a side, they may just steal the show.

Siete Vegan Charro Beans Lifestyle Image

Vegan Beans Mix 12-pack

Have you BEAN thinking about trying our beans? You’re in the right place (as in: it’s meant to bean)! With this Mixed 12-pack, you can get a taste of all four of our delicious Vegan Beans. We’ve included three cans of our smooth and delicious refried beans in Pinto, Black, and Ranchero, as well as our savory and brothy, whole-bean offering of Charro Beans! Perfect for all your taco nights, quick breakfasts, tostadas, enchiladas, and more. 


Siete Foods Vegan Charro Beans Lifestyle Image Siete Foods Vegan Refried Ranchero Beans Lifestyle Image