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Celebrating Heritage

Heritage Month is an important time for us to pause, reflect, and remember the generations of people that have come before us and paved the way for us to be where we are today. It's also a powerful opportunity to celebrate our culture through food, art, music, storytelling, and much more. At Siete, we welcome every opportunity to amplify, celebrate, and honor Latinx voices, which is why we're highlighting a few musicians and bands that we love!

Our familia enjoys and appreciates all kinds of music. On any given day you can find different genres playing throughout our Siete office space—from cumbias and acoustic tunes to jazz and all the way to rock! 
In honor of Heritage Month, we’re celebrating our community by highlighting creatives, professionals, and honoring our heritage. Today's spotlight is on bands and musicians whose music inspires us. If you're looking to support music written and performed by Latinx musicians, we recommend you give these a listen to! 


Trio Los Vigilantes

In the same way our familia loves to share our stories with others through our food, Trio Los Vigilantes delights their friends, family, and fans with their music. As a group, Isaac, Luis Angel, and John are inspired by the sounds of the 1950’s—La Epoca de Oro, The Golden Age. We appreciate that the trio’s craft is deeply rooted in Mexican tradition but with their own unique, modern twists to make it their own. 



El Combo Oscuro

"What happens when alumni of Austin Latin music scene institutions El Tule, Del Toros, and Hard Proof mix it up with a veteran bass player from the Big Easy?" El Combo Oscuro! Using Latin sounds mixed with the unique sound of a vintage organ and classic guitar strings, El Combo Oscuro creates "psychedelic cumbia," right here in Austin, that everyone can enjoy. 



The Tiarras

Formerly known as The Tiarra Girls, The Tiarras are a Mexican-American trio paving their way in the music industry. Tiffany, Sophia, and Tori are sisters, songwriters and composers, and three-time Austin Music Award winners. Their music celebrates unity and empowerment, as well as well as their Latina identity and background. 



Angélica Rahe

Angélica Rahe is a Spanish-American solo artist who opened for Lana Del Rey in 2018. She also supported Kali Úchis as her musical director, background vocalist, and guitarist on her world tour! Her songs celebrate femininity, empowerment, and loving yourself as you are.



Bidi Bidi Banda

Bidi Bidi Banda is Austin's first Selena tribute band. Their performances celebrate culture, their heritage, and, of course, Selena Quintanilla! We have had the great pleasure of watching them perform for our familia, and their vibrant energy is amazing. Their performances will have you dancing all night long!