Siete Small Batch: Siete x Frankie & Jo's Carlota de Limón Ice Cream -

Maybe it reminds you of key lime pie. Maybe it reminds you of lime icebox cakes. As a third generation Mexican-American family from Laredo, Texas, it reminds our Siete family of both! The “it” in question?



Siete Small Batch x Frankie & Jo's Carlota de Limòn Ice Cream


You might be wondering, “What’s Carlota de Limón?”

Or maybe, Where can I buy it? 

Whatever you’re thinking, we’ve got answers! (Unless you’re thinking about anything other than: ice cream, Siete Small Batch, Frankie & Jo’s, and Grain Free Mexican Wedding Cookies…)

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An Intro to Frankie & Jo's: 

We’ll start with an intro to our amazing collaborators, Frankie & Jo’s


Frankie & Jo’s makes quality ice cream for everyone to enjoy. They’re committed to sharing the highest quality products and services possible because they value people above all. Their ice cream is gluten free, vegan, dairy free, and soy free so that everyone can get a taste of their flavor varieties—no matter their dietary needs. This is why we’re proud to partner with them to create a new heritage-inspired flavor, Carlota de Limón!


Siet Small Batch x Frankie & Jo's Carlota de Limón Ice Cream


What's Carlota de Limón?

Carlota de Limón is a Mexican version of a Lime Icebox Cake. Usually eaten frozen or chilled, this cake is layered with cookies and a custard-like filling, and full of sweet and tart flavors. With the warmer months rolling around, we worked with Frankie & Jo’s to create an ice cream variety that showcases their values and the flavors of our heritage, too. 


Let's get straight to the pint...
Here’s the Small Batch scoop:  
This ice cream is dairy free, gluten free, vegan, and made with our Grain Free Mexican Wedding Cookies
Siete Small Batch x Frankie & Jo's Carlota de Limón Ice Cream


Delightfully sweet and tangy, this delicious Carlota de Limón Ice Cream takes us back to enjoying key lime icebox cakes and paletas on hot summer days. Expertly crafted with our Grain Free Mexican Wedding Cookies, vegan marshmallow fluff, and key limes, we hope you’ll enjoy a taste of this beloved flavor and the memories to which it transports you.


Where can I buy it?
Our Siete Small Batch ice cream is made in limited quantities and will be available on Frankie & Jo’s website in packs of 4 until sold out! Learn all about this sweet collaboration here.
Siete Small Batch x Frankie & Jo's Ice Cream
¡Buen Provecho!