Our New Line of Familia Style Dip Chips - Sietefoods.com

Ever broken your chip in a dip before? Or watched in dismay as half of your chip fell back to your loaded-nachos plate? Yeah, it’s kind of guac-ward. Well, now we’ve created a Grain Free Dip Chip that will have your back!

Made from the same savory pumpkin and cassava masa as our Grain Free Taco Shells, these tortilla chips are thick, hearty, and round. In other words, they’re optimized for gathering and supporting the most dip on your chip. So, come guacamole, pico, queso, salsa, or nachos, our dip chips are ready to do some heavy lifting!

Created with the fond memories of gathering around a basket of warm, salted tortilla chips when eating at restaurants as a family in Laredo...these chips take us back. We hope to bring you and your family together around these delicious, grain free chips now, the same way our family did and now continues to today.

Currently available in 5oz bags nationwide at Whole Foods Market for $4.99.