How to Heat & Roll Your Burrito -

How to Heat your Burrito Tortilla

  1. Pre-heat pan, comal or griddle over medium-high heat for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Warm tortilla for 10-15 seconds per side.


How to Roll your Burrito

  1. Warm tortilla. This will help ensure it’s pliable and ready to wrap & roll. 
  2. Add fillings of choice.
  3. Fold the bottom edge upwards to meet the top half.
  4. Pull tortilla back, tucking in the ingredients.
  5. Fold the left and right edges of the tortilla up and over to look like an open envelope.
  6. Roll until you have a burrito perfecto! 

    TIP: Cook each side of your folded burrito on the griddle to ensure it holds together!