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Lex Land - Café con Siete

Lex Land - Café con Siete

At Siete, Christmas is a big deal. By mid October, Christmas classics can be heard streaming around the office. Promptly after Thanksgiving, loads and loads of holiday bins are pulled down from the attic. And, once that first lid is pried open, you can almost hear...Mariah? Bing Crosby? Is that time again, is that you?  There’s a magic to the holidays that welcomes nostalgia and traditions like eating, singing, laughing, and dancing with the ones we love. To our familia, this season is about togetherness, Juntos es Mejor, and it is our christmas wish to share that holiday cheer with you.

For our final Café con Siete of 2018, we really wanted to do a Christmas special, but were challenged to find a local artist whose enthusiasm for Christmas music matched our own. So, we were elated when Daisy O’Connor said, “you should talk to my friend Lex Land—she is the Queen of Christmas.” ⠀

When she introduced herself as “a female Mr. Rogers,” whose birthday happens to be on December 25th, and how she actually lives near the office, it all felt so serendipitous. Lex was the Christmas miracle we didn’t know we were looking for.

As though in the presence of our very own Judy Garland, we gathered around the couch to listen to Lex Christmas-ify our cafe. We identified with her passion for the timeless crooners of yesteryear, but loved her modernization of some classics like “This Christmastime” and “All I Want for Christmas (Is My Birthday).” Her warmth was radiantly infectious, and we are so grateful for Lex’s gift of joining us for our final Café con Siete of the year.  

2018 was a special year for our Siete familia; it was a year of sharing new products, finding new music inspiration, and growing with new family and friends. Muchas gracias for including us in your year, too. It’s a dream come true. Feliz Navidad and a very Christmas to you!

Lex Land

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