Cafe con Siete -

Primero Cafe!  The morning radio plays a familiar tune as I brew a warm pot of coffee. I start singing along as I pass through the hallway of the Siete office, wishing everyone a good morning. It’s true we love our music around here. As tamaladas are as much about a kitchen chorus as they are about making tamales, the sounds of work and play fill our days. We take turns playing our favorite songs and our office work out sessions are apt to consist of everything from the La la Land soundtrack to 90’s hip hop. There was the trip we remember most for the hours spent singing karaoke and the night we stayed at the office late to play “Just Dance” until our feet hurt. And at every event and fiesta, we’ve used music to welcome our guests and friends before sitting around a hearty meal. One of my favorites was Bidi Bidi Banda, a Selena tribute band whose enticing rhythm prompted the first, but not last, Siete cumbia circle.

That night and many others like it have meant a great deal to our family. My dad was a devoted drum player and big band member and my mom played the classics day in and day out. My five children all remember visits to their grandparents were always filled with music, especially on holidays. Whether it was relaxing to the crooning jazz of Frank Sinatra and Eydie Gorme, or singing along to the boleros of Trio los Panchos, we rejoiced in the effects of music. My children have shared their love of music by singing in bands and Mariachi, by learning how to play instruments, and yes, by singing loudly around the office and inviting others to do the same.  Every year, Christmas albums play from morning to well past my grandchildren’s bedtime.

We’ve been so fortunate to be able to tell our family’s story through the Mexican-American foods that we make and share. Music, too, connects our family, friends and strangers together in an expressive and joyful way. This is the reason why we’re excited to open our living room to visitors with open hearts and ears. Cafe Con Siete invites musical guests to eat lunch, share a little about their own musical path, and perform from their souls. Unprocessed and raw, we know these visits will be special events and we’d love you to pull up a chair and join us as we celebrate the many sounds of Siete.

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