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April 23, 2020

While we’re all spending more time at home, we're excited to bring you a new Instagram Live series we're calling "Juntos at Home!" In this series, we will be virtually joining friends as they share recipes, kitchen-hacks, music performances, workouts, and more!

 For every friend we bring on, we will also be donating to their charity of choice, in their name. Find the Juntos at Home Live schedule below.


4/28 - Jeannette Ogden - 1pm CST
Handle: @shutthekaleup
Topic Description: Make Jeannette’s favoriteFlautas Recipe 


5/7 - JRay, Siete’s Business Intelligence - 1pm CST
Handle: will go live from @sietefoods
Topic Description: Cook ahomemade, Classic Italian Meal 
5/8 - Dr. Alex - TBD
Handle: @dralexcarrasco
Topic Description: Get helpful tips onNourishing Your Body

Didn’t get to join us for last week’s Juntos At Home? Find our Lunchtime Cooking Class with Alex Snodgrass (@thedefineddish) and Farm Animal Tour with our very own Eleanor (@backyardfarmlady) on our Instagram feed. 

Hope to connect with you soon! 


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