Introducing Our New Line of Botana Sauces! -

Introducing Our NEW Botana Sauces in Chamoy, Traditional, Jalapeño, and Habanero!


What’s Botana Sauce, you may ask? Our Botana Sauces are versatile, all-purpose sauces filled with heritage-inspired flavor and made with real ingredients. We use them on snacks as well as meals—everything, really! (“Everything” as in: enchiladas, papitas preparadas, grilled vegetables, salad dressings, chili, tacos, burgers, fruit cups, sorbets…you get the gist.) What’s more? They’re in portable, adorable squeezy bottles.

We’re proud to share FOUR delicious new Botana Sauces in flavors that may sound familiar to you, if you’ve been around here for a while: Traditional, Jalapeño, and Habanero—but somehow better than ever. Not to mention, we’re sharing a NEW flavor that’s extra special and nostalgic to our Mexican-American culture: Chamoy!


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Now, for those of you who are wondering where they fall on the Scoville scale, don’t worry—this isn’t an episode of Hot Ones. We still operate with a “flavor first, fire second” mentality, but we heard your request for spicier hot sauces, so we tweaked the heat a smidge and kept the can’t-get-enough flavor in tact.Still, we know everyone has a different spice tolerance, so we can’t wait to see which one suits you.

Already dreaming (and drooling) about all the ways you’ll use your Botana Sauces? Read more about each of their delicious flavors, distinct ingredients, and our favorite foods to pair them with below.

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Chamoy Botana Sauce


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Our Chamoy Botana Sauce is a sweet and tangy blend of fruits and peppers. We used chiles to give it a hint of spice and its vibrant shade of red, dates for just the right amount of sweetness, and limes & hibiscus for tang—just like the chamoy we grew up eating! Chamoy is a big part of Mexican-American food culture. It’s not only undeniably delicious, but it’s extremely versatile and used as a sauce, condiment, and dip. (Some of us even call it “the salsa of snacks!”) In our hometown of Laredo, you can find snack shops at every corner that feature chamoy on everything—from fruit cups, sorbets, and raspas, to pickles, papitas preparadas, and assorted gummy candies. Our familia likes adding it to cocktail rims and nut mixes, too!




Jalapeño Botana Sauce


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Our Jalapeño Botana Sauce is a versatile, medium-spiced sauce with a hint of sweetness and a delicious garlic-y finish. It’s made using jalapeños, avocado oil, apple cider vinegar, and dates which makes it slightly spicy, creamy, and lightly sweet. This way you can use it to top anything, like tacos, enchiladas, chicken, grilled veggies…the list goes on. We also love serving this sauce with chips or drizzling it atop all of our favorite salty snacks! So, when we say, “This botana sauce is like your nosey tía in the best way…jalap-eño business,” we’ll only be partially kidding.




Traditional Botana Sauce


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Our Traditional Botana Sauce is a mildly-spiced, tangy, and versatile sauce made with garlic, pequin peppers & guajillo peppers.Stroll into any casual restaurant in Mexico and you'll find a sauce like this on the table. It’s just the thing for serving with papitas preparadas, salty snacks & chips, chicken wings, eggs, and tacos. Plus, it tastes great drizzled atop dishes like enchiladas & tostadas and mixed into pots of chili! Enjoy it on your favorite meals and snacks alike, and you’re bound to enjoy every single bite.




Habanero Botana Sauce


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Our Habanero Botana Sauce is a medium-hot, versatile sauce that gets its sweetness from dates and its heat from habanero and guajillo peppers. We made it with carrots, apple cider vinegar, dates, and habanero peppers—which makes it the perfect all-purpose sauce. Use our Habanero Botana Sauce to: top your favorite tacos, quesadillas, and chicken wings; drizzle atop chips and salty snacks; and serve with eggs, proteins, and salads! In fact, if you try this and decide that you can ‘nero enjoy a snack or meal without it…well, we can relate to that. It’s what we call, “love at first spice.”



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All four of our NEW Botana Sauces are now available and coming soon to a retailer near you!