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How To Heat Your Siete Tortillas Like A Pro

How To Heat Your Siete Tortillas Like A Pro

One of the more common comments that we receive from users is that they're having issues properly heating our tortillas. Whether it's accidentally frying them in oil, torching them, or throwing them in the oven, we've heard of Siete fans using just about every warming technique to try and get their tortilla fix. If you have a photo of a tortilla sizzling on a warm rock out in Big Bend send it over!

We're all for resourcefulness, but only a few cooking methods are recommendable than others for the everyday cook. Here's the definitive guide to properly heating your Siete Foods tortillas (featuring our rad Operations Manager Erika)!



Tortilla Press:

This is the gold standard, but few people have access to them. If you own one, you probably don't need to be reading this advice. Just set it to high and press the tortilla for 5-10 seconds. 

Stove Top:

A cast-iron griddle is the best common warming device, but any large pan will get the job done. Make sure to set the heat to high and wait until the pan is hot. How to know if the pan is hot enough? Wet your hand and splash some water on the skillet/griddle. If the water bounces, the griddle is hot.

Once the pan is hot, set the tortilla down until it begins to sweat, brown, and/or bubble, then flip. If you need a time reference for warming, which is fine, it should take between 5 and 30 seconds to heat the tortilla depending on the heat of your pan and the type of Siete tortilla. This is an inexact recommendation because every stove top and pan conducts and transfers heat differently. If it's taking longer than 30 seconds a side to warm your tortillas, you should make sure that the pan is hot when you're laying the tortillas down.

Why is it important that the tortillas are properly heated? When they are warmed correctly, they become more pliant (due to the gelatinization of the starches under heat). This pliancy allows the tortillas to be folded, bent, and moistened without breaking or tasting too toothsome. 


As convenient as it is, it is hard for us to recommend using the microwave. Every microwave handles tortillas differently, and it's going to take some experimentation to find the right time for the tortillas without sapping their natural moisture. If it's the only option available, a benchmark time is eight seconds for one tortilla. 


Unless you're a wizard in the kitchen, DO NOT use the oven to heat your tortillas. The dry heat of the oven bakes out the moisture from the tortilla, increasing the odds of your tortillas turning into Siete flatbreads. To that end, however, the oven can be used to make tostadas for dishes like ceviche.

To turn Siete tortillas into tostadas, preheat the oven to 375ºF, spread the tortillas on a parchment lined baking sheet, and heat for 4-5 minutes or until light brown and crispy. 


If you've frozen your tortillas, we strongly recommend allowing them to thaw naturally on the countertop or in the refrigerator before heating.