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How It Started & How It's Going Bundle

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It feels like it was just yesterday that our sister Veronica debuted her delicious tortillas made from almond flour to our family after we all went grain free together. And, while every experience eating one of her tortillas is as enjoyable as the first time, it's actually been years, and a lot has happened since that glorious day! Since then, we've been busy in the kitchen perfecting more heritage-inspired foods to bring to life nostalgic foods using simple, clean ingredients—so everyone can enjoy! We created this bundle as an homage to the first foods our Siete family made, and as an exciting debut of some of our newest creations! It's our honor and our pleasure to offer to you them here and now, so that you and your family can gather and experience the foods that brings our familia together.

What's included in this bundle:

  • 3 Almond Flour Tortilla
  • 3 Cassava Flour Tortilla
  • 1 Sea Salt Tortilla Chips 5oz
  • 1 Lime Tortilla Chips 5oz
  • 1 Nacho Tortilla Chips 4oz
  • 1 SS + Vinegar Potato Chips 5oz
  • 1 Fuego Potato Chips 5oz
  • 1 Sea Salt Potato Chips 5oz
  • 1 Churros 5oz