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Sueñitos are little dreams, and ever since we made our first Small Batch of Sueñitos Grain Free Puff Snacks, we’ve been dreaming BIG! And today, we've created a variety of flavors to share with you.Now introducing our three NEW flavors of Sueñitos Grain Free Puff Snacks: Queso, South Texas BBQ, and Fuego!

One thing we love most about our Siete Small Batch is how it allows us to share things straight from our kitchen with yourapid innovation style. This is why we can bring you THREE new flavors today! Made with avocado oil and delicious heritage-inspired flavors, we hope these make all your sueñitos come true!


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Introducing our newest flavored snacks: Sueñitos Queso Puff Snacks. They’re dairy free, made with avocado oil, and bring all the tasty flavor of a Texas staple—queso dip. Think: cheesy, airy, and crunchy! 


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We decided to amp up the heat using a bold fuego flavor. We present our Sueñitos Fuego Puff Snacks!  Made with avocado oil and coated in a flavorful blend of red chile and jalapeño peppers, these bring just the right amount of heat and all the irresistible crunch.


 Siete Small Batch Puff Snacks Fuego


South Texas BBQ

 Being from Laredo, our family loves a good BBQ! So, we had some fun and added a lil’ South Texas twist (hint: it’s from chipotle peppers) to a classic barbecue flavor. These Sueñitos South Texas BBQ Puff Snacks are made with avocado oil and perfect for drenching in hot sauce, dipping in ranch dip, or enjoying straight out of the bag. One bite and you’ll be transported to backyard barbecues and carne asadas!


Siete Small Batch Puff Snacks South Texas BBQ


Find 'em here on, available in packs of 3 and in Mix Packs, while supplies last. We hope you're hungry!


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