Our New Line of Taco Shells - Sietefoods.com

You spoke, and we listened. This one’s para ti. For you, who bravely laid out bare tortillas to crisp on your oven rack. For you, who spent nights at your frier, trying to make our tortillas into hard tacos. And you, looking to explore new vehicles for serving your taco night creations.

Since we heard that grain free taco shells would make your life easier (and because it would give soft tacos a break from your kitchen routine), we went to the kitchen and got to work.

The texture, the crunchiness, the savory aroma of these new shells will make taco-lovers’ hearts sing. Made with nutrient dense ingredients like pumpkin, cassava, and avocado oil, our tacos were created to help you champion a Mexican-American favorite, no fuss.

With all the nitty gritty shell stuff explained, we hope you feel empowered to forge your own way in your culinary experimentation. Think of the possibilities! Frijoles, lettuce, cashew queso, pulled pork, fajita meat, avocado, pico de gallo, veggie picadillo—the world is your pantry, and you are the new top chef in town.

Now, without sounding like a back-seat chef, we must tell you that our taco shells are meant to be heated before eaten! Simply preheat the oven to 400°F,  remove the shells from plastic, separate and stand on a baking sheet, open-side down (when placed correctly, they'll rock back and forth like a rocking chair!). Pop them in the oven for 2-3 minutes to get ‘em nice and warm.

Go on. It’syour turn, now. Give them something to taco ‘bout. You can find our Grain Free Taco Shells online or in any Whole Foods Market store nationwide.