March 15, 2021

Our family believes good things come in small batches. Kind of like we believe in the tooth fairy. But, unlike our failed attempts to catch her in the act, we’re much more confident in our ability to make a compelling case for small batches. For those who like to see, smell, feel, and (especially) taste it before they believe it, we’re prepared to delight your socks off with this month’s Siete Small Batch: Kettle Cooked Chile Lime Potato Chips!

Why Kettle Cooked Chile Lime Potato Chips? Because we love chile lime. Chile lime on mangos, chile lime in tacos, and even chile lime dulces! It’s a finger-lickin’ flavor combo that our family likes to add to foods to give them a little zing! Made with avocado oil, red chile, and lime, these Kettle Cooked Chile Lime Potato Chips bring you the type of flavor you only experience when you use your third and final genie’s wish to “experience the most delicious chile lime flavor in the world!”...or something like that, anyways.

Now, if you’re thinking “The tooth fairy? Genie’s wishes? What are you getting at, Siete?” Here it is: we’re not saying these are collectors items for those who are chile lime connoisseurs or potato chip aficionados, but we’re not notsaying that… In fact, as a family that self identifies as connoisseurs and aficionados ourselves, we feel like collecting experiences around delicious foods made with love is actually a pretty fun thing to do. Especially when compared to the tiny teeth the tooth fairy is collecting at all hours of the night. We don’t know how she does it. (Or why, for that matter, but that’s neither here nor there.) 

Luckily for you, we don’t want to rid you of any sleep, and wish to make getting this month’s Small Batch as easy as possible! Simply sign up for our newsletter to ensure that you get an email alert with the link to buy as soon as it’s live on Our Small Batches are produced in limited supply, so if you’ve got your heart (or stomach) set on these chips, be sure not to dilly-dally because they can be snatched up fast!

Not into chile lime, but still curious about what will be next? No biggie. Our first (unofficial) Small Batch was Grain Free Mini Buñuelos, followed by Grain Free Mexican Cookies earlier this year, so there’s no telling what will be the next innovation to come from our Research and Development Team! That is, of course, until we spill the cheese... In the meantime, signing up for our newsletter will also be your best bet to make sure you’re up to Siete-speed.

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