Our New Line of Whole 30 Approved Taco Seasoning - Sietefoods.com

Introducing our new line of Whole30 Approved Taco Seasonings! Say hello to our little friends, Mild and Spicy Taco Seasonings, here to pack some serious flavor into your favorite taco fillings. 

For those of you who enjoy taking a walk on the mild-side, may we suggest our splendidly savory Mild Taco Seasoning, made from a delicate blend of tomato, garlic, chili, and cumin? And for those of you who have a “Spicy” inclination, our Spicy Taco Seasoning was created for you! Designed to be flavor first and fire second, our spicy variation has similar ingredients to the mild, only we’ve added a dash of jalapeño.

Now, before this moment, we might have thought that our Grain Free Taco Shellscould be the flavor-champion to Taco Tuesdays. But then we tried these taco seasonings for the first time (and then a second, and then a third...our culinary team eventually realized we weren’t so much “taste testing” as we were just helping ourselves to heaping plates full of this stuff). Suddenly, we couldn’t remember our shells without the seasoning, and our seasoning without the shells! 

We aim to create nostalgic foods that honor our abuelas and the ones before them, and encourage you and your family to gather around the table in celebration of togetherness. It’s our wish that these seasonings help make your tacos next-level flavorful, and taco night even more memorable.

Available nationwide this January, at Whole Foods Market for $2.99.