Introducing Our New Grain Free Mexican Cookies -

Our family loves cookies! We have many memories of bringing them home from local bakeries, baking fresh batches at home, and stocking some in our cookie jars, too. As a nod to these nostalgic memories, we make Grain Free Mexican Cookies in different varieties to share with you!

Recently we thought, "Why not make MORE cookies to share?" And here's what we came up with:

Fresas con Crema Cookies 


Hint of Mexican Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookies!

We transformed these two beloved treats from our childhood into new grain free cookies made with delicious and distinctively heritage-inspired flavors. We hope you enjoy. ¡Buen provecho! 


Siete Foods NEW Grain Free Cookies



Fresas con Crema means “strawberries with cream.” It’s a snack served by the cupful that’s made with juicy strawberries and fluffy whipped cream! We grew up enjoying this sweet treat from snack shops around our hometown and making it for dessert at family gatherings. So we thought we'd bring those delicious flavors together into bite-sized treats and make them dairy free, too. Introducing: Grain Free Fresas con Crema Cookies! 

Siete Foods Fresas Con Crema Cookies



These cookies are inspired by our childhood memories of coming home to a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies sitting atop the counter. We’d dip them into a glass of milk before letting the flavorsmelt in our mouths—with smiles and milk mustaches forming on our faces. As a loving nod to the cookies we grew up eating warm from the oven (and sneaking straight from the cookie jar—sorry, mom!), we created these Grain Free Hint of Mexican Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookies and made 'em dairy free. This way, everyone can get to dip (or dunk!) their cookies in milk, too!

Siete Foods Mexican Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookies

Both varieties of our NEW Grain Free Mexican Cookies are now available at Kroger and on