Housewarming -

At the core of any good party is good company. We’d be lying if we didn’t admit to loving a good fiesta, but what matters most to our familia is having a reason to gather together. So, whenHousewarming, the indie band of Austin locals, came to Café con Siete, we wanted it to feel like a homecoming. Like they were coming to a celebration in a new place, with old friends.

And, as it goes with old pals, we could tell the moment we met them that these guys were in sync (not to be confused with NSYNC, although all the Housewarming guys were definitely just as entertaining). Nick, Erin, Sam, and Jake gave off the impression they could finish each other’s sentences, jokes, stories—andsongs, especially. Their synchronicity was impressive, like that of a family. It was skillful and fun to watch—and that was before they played for us. 

They showcased three songs for us, all stripped back, and all unreleased: Ugly Actors, Passenger Flight, and TV Tray. They sang about playing music in a town where everyone plays music and getting lost in a small town in Kansas while exploring on Google Earth. And, if playing a raw-version of their music was a challenge, they nailed it. They sang without microphones, played the drums with brushes, and scaled back the guitar and bass. We loved it, and are so grateful they let us experience their scenic stories and playful personalities through their music.

Although we didn’t have any immediate suggestions for the name of their soon-to-be released record (besides calling it “simply amazing,” of course), we look forward to listening on repeat when it comes out. Until then, we’ll be crafting our very own Siete Space Shuttle to fly our new friends (and their out of this world music) to the moon for that Space Station gig they spoke about.

Housewarming Cafe con Siete