Halloween & Día de Los Muertos Siete-Style - Sietefoods.com

When the leaves finally fall and the temperature in Austin, Texas finally drops, we try to make the most out of October. As Mexican-American family, we revel in the seasonal opportunity to plan a whole month of playful spooks for Halloween, and the chance to come together at the table with loved ones around Día de Los Muertos. 

Next to Christmastime, this time of year at Siete feels a lot like being back in your childhood home with your family. Imagine: hiding in the cupboards and behind counters; dreaming of (and drooling over) the food and treats to come; and many, many joyous outbursts of laughs. Sure, we treat most days of the year this way, but we'll take the seasonal excuse when it comes. 

We’ve pulled out the photos of Halloween’s past, reliving the nostalgia of homemade costumes, painted faces, and bags of candy. We’re reminded of strolling through neighborhood streets with our siblings, singing out “trick or treat!” Then, as Día de Los Muertos comes around, we celebrate family past, present, and to come.

From our family to yours, we wish you all a Happy Halloween and a special Día de Los Muertos!


The Siete Family

Siete Halloween Mike and Alex
Siete Halloween Erika and JC
Siete Halloween Aaron and Bayley
Siete Halloween Christy and Hannah