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Many of our family's greatest memories are made gathered around the table to enjoy delicious foods of our heritage. Food brings people together around the table to connect and gather, and it's a way to share pieces of one's culture and honor those who've come before us, too.

Over the years, we've had the honor of meeting many amazing people who have founded restaurants, coffee shops, food trucks, and delicious snack brands that we love. In honor of Heritage Month, we've listed four of these awesome Latinx-owned food and beverage companies below!


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Mom & Pops

In 2008, Manuel and Laura founded Mom and Pops, a frozen popsicle company local to Austin. They'd grown up enjoying paletas (frozen popsicles) throughout their childhood, and they wanted to introduce their kids to this nostalgic treat, too! They decided they'd make their own using all-natural ingredients like organic fruits, organic cane sugar, and fresh-squeezed juices. Ever since, they've been sharing their frozen treats with the Austin community!

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Comadre Panaderia

Comadre Panader√≠a was founded by Mariela Camacho and is currently based in Austin, Texas. Mariela makes pan dulce (Mexican sweet breads), decorated cakes, and pastries using high-quality‚ÄĒand often local‚ÄĒingredients. She was raised in San Antonio, where she grew up enjoying conchas and other delicious pastries of her heritage. Today, she shares her own creations with the wider Austin community, and we couldn't be happier to be so near to her and her delicious masterpieces.¬†

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Amanecer Co.

 Marlen Mendoza founded Amanecer Co. in February of 2019. Amanecer is  woman-owned startup shop located in Houston, Texas, that makes matcha and coffee drinks using ingredients like Hoja Santo (a Mexican herb) and piloncillo (Mexican brown sugar). Marlen uses authentic ingredients and small-batch coffee from Latin America to make tasty and unique drinks!




Veracruz All Natural

Reyna and Maritza Vazquez are sisters, best friends, and co-founders of Veracruz All Natural. This taco spot, located in Austin, Texas, serves tacos and dishes inspired by the food they grew up eating in Veracruz, Mexico. They also serve a range of yummy drinks like fresh-pressed juices, aguas frescas, and smoothies. What's more, Veracruz uses all-natural and organic ingredients to make their crowd-pleasing food extra special!

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