Cinco Con Siete -

One of the true pleasures in life is coming together with your friends and family. Whether it's a special occasion, or just a simple cookout, there's nothing like having a laugh with the people who understand you. Give us an excuse, and we'll throw a party for it. 

On Cinco de Mayo, we brought some of our friends from near and far together to break tortillas over delicious food. Miguel told jokes with bad set-ups and good punchlines, Andres plated an orchestra of sophisticated and delicious grain free Mexican dishes, Beca warned us about the dangers of couchsurfing, our guests broke Instagram with awesome food pics, and a few cold ones (ciders!) were kicked back over the open fire of Jorge's grill. The glow of the string lights danced above our heads until the calendar struck Seis.

Carne asada nights like these are special because they are a celebration of the things that we hold dear: family, friends, and food, in that order. We think the photos below were able to capture the energy of the evening. 

Cinco Con Siete