Siete Sponsors NASA -

Not that NASA. The other NASA.

Siete Family Foods is thrilled to sponsor the spring soccer season of the North Austin Soccer Alliance (NASA). 

Every year, around 2,000 children in the North Austin area play soccer on a NASA team, and many of those children's registration expenses are funded through NASA's generous scholarship program. In 2016, NASA provided over $50,000 in scholarships for Austin families who would otherwise be unable to afford youth soccer. 

Siete is deeply mission-driven around providing health and wellness opportunities for disadvantaged children and families. Partnering with NASA—a local, volunteer-run nonprofit founded in 1982—was a natural extension of that mission. 

"We started Siete," said Miguel Garza, co-founder and CEO, "with the vision to make healthy food and exercise the norm for diverse families in Austin, where our business is based, and in Laredo, where we grew up." He added, "It's an honor to support like-minded non-profits who are bringing that vision to life right here in our backyard."