Connected for the Holidays -

December 03, 2020

Our familia enjoys spreading holiday cheer through letters of love and cards of gratitude this time of year; it’s the perfect way to stay connected to family and friends who aren’t near! It’s our hope that you will join us in writing a letter to a friend (or two!), or someone you hold dear. To make it a little easier for you, we’ve created downloadable stationery and dreamed up some fun prompts to get you started!

Downloadable Juntos for the Holidays stationery

USPS Postage


Holiday Letter Writing Prompts

  1. Share your favorite holiday recipe with a friend. 
  2. Tell a friend about a special family or holiday tradition.
  3. Remind a loved one why they’re special to you. 
  4. Reconnect with an old friend.
  5. Send a note of appreciation and gratitude.
  6. Let someone know you’re thinking of them. 
  7. Spread holiday cheer to a friend with words of encouragement.

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