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Remember when you and your family all lived in the same house, and spent all your time playing, eating, learning, growing together? Well, the time we spend together at Siete is much the same. And, like a family, we have our own, unique historia, values, traditions, activities, jokes, and lingo. Welcome to the familia, we are happy you’re here.

Siete Means "Seven"

First things first, Siete means “seven” in Spanish. The number seven is significant to us because there are seven members in the Garza family, the original siete

The Siete Logo

If you’ve seen any of our branding, you’ve probably noticed the ‘yellow bird’. Fun fact: the yellow bird is actually a Heron, which translates to “Garza” in Spanish. So, the Heron is also the Siete Logo. 

siete logo

Hometown & Homeland

Siete is a family-owned business based in Austin, TX but the Garza family is from Laredo, TX. We think of it this way: Siete was born in the Garza’s family kitchen in Laredo, but grew up in the capital of Texas, Austin.

G7 Athletics

On their journey to health, the Garza’s realized that there were two parts to the equation: food and fitness. So, before there was Siete, there was G7 Athletics, the family-owned and operated crossfit gym. If you ever visit the Siete office, you’ll notice “G7” on the doors leading into the office gym, where we sweat.

The Hyphen

We are a Mexican-American food company that lives (what we call) “the hyphen.” The hyphen is a symbolic way of describing our culture as not being totally one thing, or the other. Think: tacos and pizza, telenovelas and Friends. Here is a short video of our CEO, Miguel explaining these nuances. 

Salud y Sabor

Health and flavor, or, as we say, “salud y sabor” are our guiding principles when creating new foods. We create food with purpose, made from healthy, flavorful and trustworthy ingredients. No matter your dietary needs or preferences, we want the experience of eating Siete foods to be fulfilling, inclusive, and delightfully tasty.

Juntos es Mejor

We operate with a “Juntos es Mejor” mentality, which means we believe that “together is better.” Adapted and inspired by the Garza family’s steadfast dedication to do things together (like adopting a grain free diet), the Siete familia is fiercely loyal, putting “family first, family second, and business third.” 

Siete Scares

Siete Scares are what transpires as Miguel yells “HEYYYYYY!” while jumping out from: behind the cafe door, below the counter, the other side of the fence, behind you as you’re foam rolling, under your chair, the closet… Peep the horror of Siete Scares.  


Cassava is a mineral rich root vegetable and a staple crops in many parts of the world, including Latin America, Africa, and Asia. We use it to make our chips and some of our tortillas!

Café Con Siete

Inspired by the profound role music has in the Garza family’s daily life, Café con Sieteis an event that takes place in the office cafe, where we listen to great music, share stories, laugh, drink and eat together. We hope that this time inspires and allows for more gatherings of communities, friends, family and strangers. 

Siete Chef

Siete Chef is an activity we sometimes do on Instagram on Mondays where we announce a Siete product and three other ingredients to create a unique recipe of your own. Participants post photos of their creations on their feed and tag #sietechef. Do you have what it takes to be the next Siete Chef?

"Holy schmoley, what a treat!"

It’s used in regards to foods being served to you, or foods that someone else has made that you are excited to eat; anytime you have a microphone in your hand; but mostly used in regards to food; any announcement that pertains to food, basically. Best when said others chime in with “what a treat!”

Topo Chico

Atop nearly every desk, occupying a fourth of our fridge, and found at every meal, is our beverage of choice.

Just Dance

When it comes to letting loose and letting our hair down, there’s one activity that always seems to scratch the itch: playing Just Dance. And while a poll of our favorite songs and artists show: Rave in Grave, The Ketchup Song (Aserejé), Lady Gaga, Bang Bang Bang, Shakey Shakey, Britney Spears, Despacito, and Sangria Wine—never you worry. Whatever the tune, our hips don’t lie. 

Fun Fridays

Every Monday morning, our familia gathers together around coffee, cold brew, and Topo Chico. On Tuesdays, we put our heads down and get chip done. On Wednesdays, we walk to lunch, rain, shine, or catastrophic heat. On Thursdays, get our zen on, channel our inner yogis, and do some yoga. And Fridays during the summer, we have fun! Get in on the festivities with our Fun Friday album on Facebook.

Yoga Thursdays

Our Customer Delight Supervisor grew up in a household that practiced Hatha yoga.  Every Thursday, she leads a soothing and meditative, and sometimes silly class where we get to stretch and forget all our worries. Whether we’re standing on our heads or sticking out our tongues in lion pose, we always flexible with our fun, and love this relatively quiet time. 

Carne Asada 

Meals come in all different recipes, tastes, savors, and flavors. But we are especially partial to the meals that inspire homecoming, reconnecting, and memory making. For us, the backyard carne asada is second to none. Flames on the grill, tunes in the air, family and friends everywhere. Siete chips in a bowl, Topo Chico bottles on ice, and staying up late, telling stories by a bonfire all night. Sharing meals like these reminds us of the unifying powers of hearty food and loving company.

Two Truths and a Lie

An interactive list of true or false claims like:

“hates coffee,” 

“watched the Titanic eight times in the theater,”

“has a flock of chickens,”

“went vegetarian for a decade on a dare,”

“got second place in a national risotto competition,”

“has never had ketchup,”

“has an unhealthy obsession with Golden Girls,”


“sold a beanie for $500,” “drank a beer with Charles Barkley,”

found on our team page. 

The Tunnel

A (not so secret) secret thing that we do when someone joins the family. People who follow us on Instagram may have witnessed this ‘rite of passage’ in our stories, but it often comes as a delightful surprise to our celebrated newcomers.


One or two shots of espresso over ice cream. It’s a simple, sweet, petite ritual that do on repeat. 

Laugh Challenge

“Can you laugh without smiling?” If you tried, then we’ll take that as a challenge accepted. See how you stack up in our Laugh Challenge. (If suppressing giggles ain’t your thing, don’t worry, we crack up too.)