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Siete Salsas 4 Jars

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Salsa is a mealtime staple in our culture, so you can find it at the center of the table for most every meal. We love putting it on tacos and tamales, dipping our chips in it, and drizzling it over dishes like tostadas and enchiladas. We made our own two lines of Siete salsas, Taquería-Style and Casera-Style salsas. Our Taquería-Style salsas are inspired by the signature salsas you’ll find at—you guessed it—taquerías! And our Casera-Style salsas are inspired by the homemade salsa our grandma and our mom made with almost every meal growing up.

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How do I store it before opening, after opening?

Our salsas can be stored at room temperature until opened. Once opened, our salsas can be refrigerated for up to 7 days to keep it fresh and tasting delicious!


How would you rank the salsa spice levels?

In order of most mild to most spicy: Mild Roja, Spicy Roja, Salsa Cremosa, and lastly, Salsa Soleada. Still, we know everyone has a different tolerance for spice, so we can’t wait to see which of our salsas suits you and your taste buds best!


How are the red and green different than enchilada sauces?

Our Salsas have more body and are thicker than our Enchilada Sauces. Our Red Enchilada Sauce is fairly smooth and great for pouring on top of rolled enchiladas for baking, whereas both of our Salsa Rojas have a medium body great for dipping and scooping on top of dishes. Our Green Enchilada Sauce is tomatillo-based and has a different flavor profile than our Salsa Cremosa which is jalapeño-based.

Can I freeze it?

Do not freeze any of our salsas in the glass jar! You may only store your salsa in the freezer in a separate ziploc bag or plastic container.