Siete Small Batch: Coconut Cajeta Caramel Sauce -

Introducing our latest Siete Small Batch:
Dairy Free Coconut Cajeta Caramel Sauce (or "Coconut Cajeta," for short!)

Siete Foods Coconut Cajeta Caramel Sauce with Mini Buñuelos


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You may be wondering,

What's Cajeta?    

Cajeta is a sweet Mexican caramel sauce traditionally made with goat's milk. We grew up enjoying this nostalgic sauce on sweet snacks, desserts, and special treats like birthday cakes and ice cream sundaes! Because we want everyone to be able to enjoy Mexican-American favorites, no matter their dietary needs or preferences, we created our own dairy free version using coconut milk that's every bit as thick, rich, and delicious as the original. You can shop our Coconut Cajeta for a limited time—because good things come in small batches!


Siete Foods Coconut Cajeta Caramel Sauce


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Our favorite ways to enjoy Cajeta: 

Our Coconut Cajeta's sweet, nutty, caramel flavor is perfectly suited for pairing with a variety of snacks and dishes. In fact, when our familia thinks "Cajeta," we also think "churros, buñuelos, apples, sweet treats, and more!" Not necessarily in that order, but we're hoping you get the gist: Cajeta pairs juuuuust right with many of our favorite things! 


It's the perfect partner to:

- Your favorite ice cream

- Grain Free Mini Buñuelos

- Fruits, like apples and bananas

- Pancakes and waffles

- Grain Free Mexican Cookies

- Pan dulce

- Your morning cup of cafecito

- Buñuelos Cajeta Cheesecake (pictured below!)


Siete Foods Cajeta Buñuelos Cheesecake Recipe Photo

Our Coconut Cajeta comes in an adorable squeezy bottle (making it that much easier to enjoy straight out of the bottle, too—if that's your style). ❤️ 


Shop our Coconut Cajeta—while supplies last—here