School Lunch Roll Up Recipes -

With school back in full swing, the stress of preparing a delicious and nutritious lunch can often be a challenge for parents. We know what it's like to run around the kitchen, chasing after the shadows, tired, hunting for things to throw together at the last minute.

Because of this, our featured recipes for November are two easy-peasy, five-minute roll ups that'll provide your kids with the taste they love and the healthy, diverse diet they need.

Both recipes use ham and cheese, but can be modified to accommodate almost any combination of deli meats, spreads, and/or thinly sliced vegetables based on kids' preferences. (Or yours, if you just want a late night snack.) The first recipe, pictured above, is a...

Cassava Coconut Wrap

  1. Gather your fillings and condiments. We're using ham, dairy-free cheese, lettuce, and dairy-free aioli.
  2. Heat your Siete Cassava & Coconut tortillas by warming a griddle or cast-iron pan on medium-high heat until the surface is hot. Place the tortilla on the hot surface, quickly turn it when it becomes warm and slightly translucent, let it sit on the other side for a similar amount of time, then remove. Heating the tortilla is a must even if it'll be eaten cold, because the heat activates the oils inside the tortilla. This allows it to stay pliant throughout the day. (For more instructions on how to properly heat the tortillas, watch our instructional video!)
  3. Spread the dairy-free aioli on one side of the tortilla.
  4. Place the fillings flat on that side too. 
  5. Roll by grabbing the edge of the tortilla on the side that you placed the ingredients, taking that edge and closely encircling the fillings, moving them tightly into the space created, and then rolling the tightly wrapped filling to the other edge of the tortilla.

Cassava Chia Pinwheels

  1. Follow the first five steps above, but with Siete Cassava & Chia tortillas.
  2. Next, place the tightly rolled wrap on its side, cut the wrap into four-to-six smaller pieces like a roll of sushi, and viola! You now have bite size wraps ready to be enjoyed at school, shared, or eaten on the go. 

Side snacks help balance out the meal. For the Cassava Chia Pinwheels, we went with ready-to-eat snacks: nut and fruit trail mix, pickles, and carrots. For the Cassava Coconut Wrap, we chose guacamole and plantain chips. These would ideally be made at home (and you'll have an awesome guacamole recipe soon!), but store bought is obviously a perfectly acceptable alternative.