Our New Line of Grain Free Burrito-Sized Tortillas - Sietefoods.com

Which of the following does not belong: tortillas, tortilla chips or burrito? TRICK QUESTION—they ALL belong! If you caught on to the pattern, you noticed that we just listed out all of our products. This means, even though there was a day that we wouldn’t have formally had ‘burrito’ on the list, the end of that era has come! Now introducing a tortilla big enoughto wrap all your burrito hopes and dreams!

Now, for the specs. Not to be confused with our line of grain free tortillas, this tortilla comes in at a whopping 10-inches. And—this is key—since we wanted to make sure this tortilla can hold your favorite burrito fix-ins, we made it with a pliable cassava flour blend. When it comes to burrito-building (and all else, of course), we want y’all to dream big.

Speaking of building, we’d like to take a moment to say that, like all of our tortillas, this one must be heated. “But why,” you ask? Heating up our tortillas enables a process called “heat gelatinization” (in the words of our food scientists), which pretty much just means that flavors are released into the tortilla as they’re heated. Additionally, heating them will also help ensure their pliability, no matter whatever you are cooking. Please note that you may need a larger heating vessel, such as a griddle or large pan to heat this gigantor. 

Never rolled a burrito before? Be sure to watch our handy-dandy 'How to Build a Burrito' video [hint: your tortilla must also be properly warmed!], or check out the instructions on the back of the package, where we've jotted it all down for you and for safekeeping. 

Available exclusively in Whole Foods Market this January, for $9.99 per pack (each pack includes 6 tortillas).