In our hometown of Laredo, you can find snack shops on almost every corner that feature a variety of sweet, salty, tangy, and spicy goodies. We’d beg our parents to drive us to the nearest shop, and we’d order everything from chamoy fruit cups and fresas con crema to papitas preparadas and elotes. But one of our favorites to order and snack on were puff snacks! They're delightfully crunchy and perfect for topping with hot sauce, freshly-squeezed lime juice, and chile seasoning for an extra kick of spice. We set out to create a version of this nostalgic snack that our younger selves would be proud of and our current selves could enjoy.




First debuted in Siete Small Batch, we're delighted to bring back (and bring to stores!) these delicious fam-favorite Grain Free Puff Snacks. They’re made with lentils and avocado oil, plus they’re grain free, gluten free, dairy free, and vegan so that more people can enjoy and get a taste of THREE snack shop flavor varieties: Queso, Fuego, and Chile Lime


Siete Foods Grain Free Puff Snacks

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Queso Puff Snacks: 

Being from Texas, our family loves a good queso dip. And being from Laredo, Texas, our family loves a good bag of puff snacks, too! So we thought, “Why not combine the two to make something even more flavorful?” And then we thought, “Why not make them grain free using ingredients (like avocado oil and lentils) so more people can enjoy ‘em, too?” And after several more thoughts (we won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say there were a lot!), we present to you: Queso Puff Snacks! Think of them as our way of transporting the nostalgic flavors of a snack shop straight to you. And just in ques-o you’re wondering, they’re dairy free and taste delicious. 

Siete Foods Grain Free Queso Puff Snacks



Fuego Puff Snacks:

Puff snacks have always been a go-to snack for our family. We grew up pouring hot sauce and chile seasoning on top of heaping servings for an extra kick of spice! So we knew if we made our own, we wanted to amp up the heat with a bold fuego flavor as a nod to the servings we grew up eating and, of course, for all of our spice-loving familia. We present to you: Fuego Puff Snacks! They’re grain free and made using our favorite, avocado oil, so that more people can enjoy this tasty snack with us. Happy snacking!

Siete Foods Grain Free Fuego Puff Snacks



Chile Lime Puff Snacks: 

Imagine this: You walk into a snack shop and are immediately greeted by a plethora of delicious aromas. You check out the menu and quickly notice two things. First, there’s so much to choose from! Second, chile lime is everywhere! Freshly squeezed lime juice, chile lime seasoning, lime slices, chile lime chips, chile lime paletas…you get the point. Chile lime is a snack shop must-have flavor combo! Cut to the present, we’ve taken that nostalgic combination of mild spice and tang and coated our Puff Snacks in it. Introducing: Chile Lime Puff Snacks! They’re made with lentils and avocado oil, so that more people can enjoy them, too! 

Siete Foods Grain Free Chile Lime Puff Snacks


You can now find our NEW Puff Snacks at Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, and here on in Mix Packs of 3 and Mix Packs of 6!