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What do Mark Twain and Clark Twain have in common, you ask? Well, for one, they both operate under aliases. And, although unrelated by blood, we’d say they both delight people their craft and are good for a hearty laugh. Henceforth, the day thatClark Nowlin of theClark Twain band came to Café con Siete will be remembered as the day we chuckled and blushed at our very own “love song to Siete.”

Additionally, the performance day marked another year for Clark, falling on his 27th birthday, as well as a new experience for us, too—watching one of our own on stage, playing bass. Together, Clark, Mason, Brandon, and Kevin performed songs about positivity, authenticity, and enjoying each day. These themes were echoed in the three songs they played: Tiny Window, Try Too Hard, and Fly High. They invited us to sing the chorus, and playfully counted off with “uno, dos, tres, Siete!” It was fun to be included in the performance, and celebrate our culture in an unexpected way. 

Not to mention the unforeseen delight of hearing the Siete story turned into a song! In the last song, “a song about Siete,” Clark sang:

“From Laredo, 2014 with a recipe that sounded crazy, changing is coming on the scene for the family… Now there’s hot sauce queso too and taco shells, food of choice… Grain free at Siete, healthy, for the family… Con Siete, Juntos es Mejor, con Siete, Juntos es Mejor, con Siete, Muntos es mejor!”

Mil gracias to the Clark Twain crew for sharing their Friday with us, and letting us enjoy your talents and company! it was a truly wonderful way to celebrate the day.

Clark Twain Cafe con Siete
Cafe con Siete Clark Twain