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January 11, 2021

Salud y Sabor, “health and flavor.” It’s a phrase that’s been on our mind for a long time, but especially in the arrival of a new year, when people recommit, redefine, and reimagine what “health” means to them.

Years ago, when our family first gave up grains to support our sister, Vero, we all did it together because we believe Juntos es Mejor, together is better. Along our journey to health, we approached wellness with two major facets in mind: fitness and food. We addressed the first part of the equation by working out together in the backyard of our family home, in Laredo. Eventually, that turned into our first family business and passion, G7 Athletics.

The second part of the equation—food—is the same story that’s on all of our packaging, as it is the story of Siete! It’s the story of Vero’s isolation from her heritage, and having to find alternatives to some of her favorite foods, like using a lettuce wrap instead of corn or flour tortillas at carne asadas. It was at this point, when she felt like she was sacrificing inclusion, convenience, and flavor for health, that she started innovating in the kitchen. The result was a delicious grain free almond flour tortilla that even her Grandma Campos, who had been making traditional corn and flour tortillas for her family for years, gave Vero’s creation her stamp of approval. And just like that, Siete Family Foods was born!

Ever since, it’s been our Siete family’s passion and pleasure to create heritage-inspired Mexican-American foods, using simple real-food ingredients that taste good, too—to create foods with Salud y Sabor. 

Today, however, when there are so many different paths to health, “Salud y Sabor” has evolved to mean even more. It’s not just one of our pillars of product innovation. It also expresses our earnest efforts to create foods that fit into, compliment, and simplify all the intricacies around achieving health goals. (Because we’ve all been there!) It’s the way we want to share the foods that worked (and work!) for our family, when we started making products that helped us: feel good about the integrity of the foods we were eating, feel included at the table and in our heritage, and enjoy the experience of eating delicious foods, without sacrificing any of the above. 

“Salud y Sabor” is the succinct way of describing the lifestyle we aspire to: one that’s filled with flavorful food made from better-for-you ingredients that everyone can enjoy—no matter what your journey to health looks like.

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