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Our New Line of Dairy Free Queso

Our New Line of Dairy Free Queso

You may be seeing our new line of dairy free Cashew Quesos on social media and in stores. We thought it appropriate to formally introduce you to the two newest members of the Siete product family. Say hello to Spicy Blanco Cashew Queso and Mild Nacho Cashew Queso!

Now excuse us for a moment of romanticism. Queso is not only a dip, it’s a vehicle for shared experience. The way that people wax lyrical about painting and wine as extensions of society also applies to Queso. It’s delicious, but it’s bigger than that. It helps build a sense of community and unity.

These pots and skillets of molten cheese bind Texan society, from the fishermen in Brownsville to the ranchers in Lubbock. If you’re alone you can always order Queso, because Queso brings company, and company brings friendship. It’s a tried and true formula. Maybe Mona Lisa was smiling because she saw some Queso cooking behind Leonardo.

The only problem was that we couldn’t eat it! Like so many families, The Garza's + Dairy = No Bueno. Instead of just sitting on the sidelines of the Queso party, we decided to throw our own, which can hopefully be shared with everyone. That’s right we’ve made two 100% dairy free Quesos: Mild Nacho and Spicy Blanco. They’re also your new magic spell. Open a jar and company will appear!

The Queso is made with cashews and other real food ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and coconut milk powder, and comes in two varieties: Spicy Blanco and Mild Nacho. Both varieties have no added sugars or starches, and are grain free, gluten free, dairy free, vegan and paleo-friendly.

Our new Cashew Quesos are available for purchase in the refrigerated dip aisle of Whole Foods Market locations nationwide starting July 9 (SRP $5.99).