Introducing Our New Line of 1 Ounce Tortilla Chip Bags -

If you’ve ever wanted to take your bag of Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips somewhere, but had trouble fitting them in your purse, gym bag, stroller, we empathize. And now, we have a solución. Introducing 1oz Tortilla Chips in our Salud y Sabor flavors: Fuego, Nacho, Ranch, and Sal y Limón.  

We can’t deny that sometimes we subscribe to the phrase “go big or go home,” but we also believe “good things come in small packages,” too. (Puppies, clementines, buttons…) At least, there’s a time and a place for both, right? So, keeping that in mind, we wanted to delight you with a bag of chips that are ready to go, on the go, wherever you go.  

We always want you, our Siete familia, to feel empowered to choose the best Siete products for you and your dietary needs—and now, more readily than ever before—at your convenience. On a train, plane, car, picnic. In transit, in waiting, in times of relaxation. We want these flavor-powerhouses to be at the ready.

These pequeñitos are ready to go whenever you are! Below you'll find product descriptions of each flavor of chips, as well as links to their product pages, which have ingredients and nutrition facts.

1 oz tortilla chips


If you love spice so much that you want to marry it, then you know that sublime equilibrium when your mouth is on fire, and the only way to put out that fire is to keep adding more fire. If you're on a never-ending quest for that special moment, then these Fuego chips will be your new jam. We wrapped these chips in a Mexican blanket of our favorite chili peppers including Jalapeño and Habanero.

Be warned: these chips have a definite kick (that's the capsaicin talking to your taste buds), but we're not trying to set a new Scoville Scale record--it's a manageable heat that arrives like a friend and then stays a while. If you are the kind of person who gravitates toward words like "Flaming" and/or "Hot," then these may be your new standby snack.


Sometimes we use “nacho” in jest like “these are nacho average chips,” but the flavor on these chips are no joke. We think of the 1oz Nacho chips as the flavor-twin to the 4oz Nacho. Served in a small, crunchy triangles, and covered in our flavorful, dairy free seasoning blend, the 1oz Nacho is seriously good. 


In Texas, ranches are big deals, but ranch dressing is an even bigger deal. Ranch is the duct tape solution to every food problem. Pizza bland? Ranch. Salad dry? Ranch. Snack tray boring? Ranch. Ice cream too cold? No comment. Skin a little burnt? Stop it already, we said food problem! In celebration of ranch dressing's venerated place in the history of fine snacking, we created a dairy free (yes way!) seasoning blend of garlic, dill, parsley, and a little bit of magic that delivers the best elements of the classic dip. 

Sal y Limón

Some things were meant to go together: Bella and Edward (sorry Team Jacob), sweater vests and tweed jackets, green eggs and ham, and, of course, salt and lime. Growing up near the border, we had many of the staples of both America and Mexico. One of our favorite go-to Mexican snacks was sal y limón lollipops. (Just saying the words "sal y limón" can still make our lips pucker.) So, to honor some of the flavors of our childhood, we made these delightfully tart and surprisingly snackable chips. Try to eat just one!